Sunday, October 4, 2009

J L Wilson - Temperance


by J L Wilson

ISBN: 978-141-992-0073

It’s 1934 and St. Paul is a haven for gangsters, criminals and other ne’er-do-wells. It’s also the temporary home of Marcos Darby, a time traveler from the twenty-third century who’s overstayed his welcome in the past.

Will Taupert is a Guide with the History Patrol, sent with his telepathic companion Theo to bring Darby back to the future. Will and Theo have been on many time trips together, but this one seems different, familiar, and Will starts to wonder if he’s been here before.

For Theo, this trip is her one chance to earn Will’s forgiveness for wrongs in a former lifetime. Now history is repeating itself and she can’t do anything but watch as Will is forced to make a fateful decision, one that could grant Theo forgiveness or end her life.


J L Wilson is a Midwestern author who writes ‘mysteries with a touch of romance … and romance with a touch of gray.’ She also writes time travel books and has just kicked off a paranormal-political thriller series, set on another planet.

She has 13 books out with contracts for 5 more books in 2010 and 5 more in 2011. After that, it’s anybody’s guess. She can be found on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and a few blogs here and there.



Romantic Suspense
Brilliant Disguise
Nowhere to Run
Your Saving Grace
If Not For You

Brownies, Bodies and Breaking the Code
Candy, Corpses and Classified Ads
Autographs, Abductions and A-List Authors
Sun, Surf, and Sandy Strangulation
Mayhem, Marriage, and Murderous Mystery Manuscripts

The History Patrol

Paranormal/political thriller
Human Touch


  1. I love her mysteries! Great stuff!

  2. Can't wait to get this book, I love time-travel novels.

  3. I'm looking forward to reading this JL. I love time travels and the 1930s, an era that as authors I think we've neglected. Happy sales!