Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Christine Petersen - Does Everyone Have ADHD?

Does Everyone Have ADHD?

A Teen's Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment

by Christine Petersen

ISBN-10: 0531179753

Children’s Press-Scholastic Library Publishing

In Does Everyone Have ADHD? A Teen's Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment, Christine Petersen provides a comprehensive look at ADHD, offering the reader a clear understanding of its psychological impact, as well as methods of diagnosis and various treatment options. Petersen presents the history of the disorder and outlines the basics of brain biology while addressing common questions and concerns related to ADHD. Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder affects the lives of millions of children and adults. Readers learn how those affected by ADHD can learn to cope with their symptoms to survive and even thrive in school, work, and family settings.

I grew up exploring tidepools in a small town along the California coast. My parents encouraged my long, rambling stories during our evening beach walks. Along the way, both nature and narrative became integral to my awareness of the world.

My career began in the early 1990, while I was employed as an assistgant museum biologist. I loved the quiet museum work by day and was exhilarated by nightime fieldwork on bats. A request to do public programs about my work made me nervous. I’m a bit of an introvert and expected to dislike this aspect of the job. But it was a perfect fit. I soon decided to make a career change into K-12 science education.

For nine years I taught at The Blake School in the Twin Cities. Writing children’s educational resource books became a summer occupation, but gradually encompassed more of my interest and time. In 2007 I decided it was time to try writing full-time. Educational literature remains my primary focus, but I’ve also recently begun to write a blog called "Intelligence with the Earth.” I look forward to finding new ways to merge nature and narrative in my life and work.

Children's Press (Scholastic Library Publishing)

Solar Power
Wind Power
Water Power
Alternative Energy
Land Preservation

The Microscope

by Christine Petersen

ISBN-10: 0531139026
Children's Press

What do the airplane, currency, movies, and the telescope have in common? They are all inventions that shaped our world. Imagine what life would be like without them!



Multiple titles from:
Marshall Cavendish Benchmark
Mitchell Lane Publishing
ABDO Publishing

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